Benefits of Postnatal Massage Therapy

You might have heard about the incredible relaxing sensation after postnatal massage therapy. It is truly an effective method to get rid of aches and pains after the birth of your little one.

 postnatal massage therapy

But do you know that there are bundles of other benefits of it too? This type of therapy can even help you to recover faster after child's birth.

Today we will dive into some significant benefits of postnatal massage therapy.
But first, what exactly is postnatal massage therapy?

What Is Postnatal Massage Therapy?

Postnatal Massage Therapy, also known as Postpartum Massage Therapy, is a full body massage. As a new mom you can receive it immediately after birth, to encourage the full expulsion of the placenta; and on an ongoing basis to help ease the physical and emotional stresses associated with postpartum recovery including backache, fatigue, headaches and postpartum depression. But most popularly, postpartum massage therapy starts 12 weeks after the birth of your baby.

In traditional societies, the pregnant, labouring and postpartum mom is supported with massage. Application however, is most important during the postpartum recovery period, to ensure that all remnants of the placenta are expelled and to encourage uterine involution (the return of the uterus to its pre-pregnant shape and size).

Postpartum Massage Therapy might sound like a simple massage but once you’ve experienced it, you will notice several changes in your body and mood which helps you in healing quickly after delivery.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of postpartum massage therapy now.

Benefits Of Postpartum Massage Therapy

Some of the common benefits of Postpartum Massage Therapy include:

• Helping To Reduce Swelling:

Labor brings many changes to your body including body swelling. Many moms experience from body swelling during their labor. Postpartum massage therapy is very effective in reducing swelling.

• Helping To Increase Milk Production:

Postpartum massage therapy is helpful for breastfeeding mothers. The massage helps speed up the flow of your breast milk and also increases milk production.

• Helping To Regulate Hormones:

Getting a postnatal massage not only benefits you physically but also has lots of positive effects on your mental health. It helps in maintaining hormonal balance in your body and in boosting your mood.

• Helping To Reduce Depression And Anxiety:

As mood improves, feelings of depression and anxiety are reduced. Many mothers suffer from the baby blues and become depressed after delivery. If you feel like that, getting a postnatal massage can help you feel better. Postpartum Massage is helpful in the relief of anxiety and depression.

• Promoting Better Sleep:

Becoming a parent is an amazing experience, but sometimes it can make you feel tired. Getting a relaxing or deep sleep with your newborn is also difficult. but postpartum massage can help you to get a better, deeper, and more relaxing sleep.

Other benefits:
Some of the other common benefits of massage include:

  • It helps in relaxing your muscles
  • It helps to lower your stress level
  • It acts as a pain reliever

With all of the benefits postnatal massage therapy has on your body and soul, who wouldn’t want to get one?

But there are also some careful considerations you need to take into account..


Always consult with a registered massage therapist who is certified in pre-, peri- and post-natal massage therapy before getting a massage. This is especially important if you have had surgery. Some therapists do not give massages to people who had surgery recently. Before getting a massage, discuss everything with the therapist to ensure the health and safety of your body. Make sure they are trained to work with postpartum moms.

Women who had complicated delivery or C-section delivery should also talk with their doctor before getting a postpartum massage.

Why Should I Consult My Doctor Before Postnatal Massage Therapy?

Consulting your doctor is necessary because many massage therapists use essential oils in addition to physical massage. These essential oils might be not good for you at this time of your recovery. Therefore, ask your doctor if the use of these oils is safe or not.

Your doctor knows your health and body best, and will properly guide you on whether getting a massage is safe or not. Make sure you speak with your doctor before getting a massage and do as your doctor recommends.

postpartum massage therapy

What Is Uterine Massage?

You may have also heard about uterine massage. This type of massage helps in the contracting of the uterus to its original size.

You also have to be careful here too, if you have had a caesarian-section delivery. Abdominal massage is not recommended for up to 6 weeks after the surgery. This is because applying too much pressure can be dangerous for your body – disrupting suttres as you’ve begun to heal.

Therefore, before getting a massage talk to your massage therapist and/or doctor first

Preparing Your Body For Postnatal Massage

Getting a massage in a healthy and pleasing environment is an essential part of postpartum massage. The pleasing environment helps improve your mood.
If you are getting a massage at your home make sure that it’s is clean and quiet. You can also play some of your favorite light music and light candles. It will enhance your mood, encourage a positive mind and you feel relaxed.

Ask For Help

Newborns cry often and they require a lot of your attention. Because of this, you will not be able to concentrate on your massage and your mind will not be fully relaxed.

Therefore, ask someone to look after your baby whenever you are getting a massage. In this way, you need not worry about the little one and you will enjoy and experience of a peaceful and relaxing massage.

When Can I Get A Massage Postpartum?

The best time for the postpartum massage depends only on your mood or your health. If you want to get a massage every week, or just two to three times, it is all up to you.

According to research, getting a back massage the day after delivery will help to reduce anxiety and stress. You can get the postpartum massage whenever you feel ready.

You can also check nearby hospitals if you are not comfortable getting it at home. Many hospitals offer postpartum massages services in hospitals for women.

What Positions Are Safe In Postpartum Massage?

Any position is safe after the delivery of your baby, but may need to be adjusted according to your comfort or specific treatment.

Some moms crave being able to lie face-down again after lying on their sides for most of the nine months. Others may be uncomfortable face-down because of breast discomfort or the distraction of leaking milk. The side-lying position can be comfortable and very effective to treat specific issues of the shoulders, pelvis or legs.

A side-lying or seated positioning is usually advised for women who have had a C-section or are experiencing soreness at the epidural site. Make sure you have the support of extra pillows where she needed, such as breasts and abdomen.

Sometimes, you’re not able to get to the masseuse, or you’re not comfortable leaving your baby with someone else. So can you try the massage yourself? Absolutely!

How Do I Give Myself A Postpartum Massage?

As a new mother, you can perform the massage, on yourself, once you have the OK from your doctor. It is done on the abdomen by moving the hands in a clockwise direction using small, circular kneading strokes. The uterus should harden and contract with this treatment and the massage should be applied as frequently as every four hours until the discharge is pale, for about 2-3 weeks.

After Birth Pains

You may be able to feel your uterus contract off and on for several days after giving birth. To help ease the discomfort, gently massage your lower abdomen or uterus in the same way.

Final Thoughts:

As you have read that postpartum massage therapy is very beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Massage itself is well known for relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, and other health benefits. Getting a postpartum massage can increase your milk production, regulate hormones, and help in reducing swelling. More advanced postpartum massage therapy helps restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition, speeds healing and assists with C-section recovery. So adding massage to your healing routine, will help your body to heal faster and benefits both your body and mind.

First however, you should consult your doctor and confirm that your body is healed enough to receive the message.

The next step is yours. Are you going to add massage therapy into your postpartum recovery routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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