17 Reasons To Take Moringa Daily As A New Mother

Becoming a parent can be both thrilling and terrifying—you feel joy and excitement on the one hand and fear and frustration on the other. As a new mom, this can be challenging. You have a new little life to take care of, while you yourself are recovering from childbirth. Often, what you thought you knew about parenting is tossed out the window as you adjust to life with your little one. And it’s not only first-time moms/parents that experience this way.

In the midst of it all, you still have to take care of yourself AND your little one. So maintaining your health is vitally important.

Enter the “miracle plant” Moringa.

Moringa seeds, powder, leaves, supplement on wooden table

 What is Moringa?

Moringa is a nutrient-dense crop with anti-inflammatory properties. The economically most valuable species, Moringa oleifera, is native to South Asia, where it grows in the Himalayan foothills. It is also cultivated across many other tropical areas such as Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

Also called the “drumstick tree” because of its appearance, this nutrient-rich blessing of nature can be used by almost anyone. All parts of the plant can be used.

Why Use Moringa?

Moringa contains a rich amount of iron, calcium, protein, fiber, B, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is richer in nutrients than spinach or kale. And is considered a solution to a vast number of health problems.

Moringa is not only a solution to your ailments but is also a health-booster. Many celebrities across the world have been known to use Moringa for its positive effects on their overall health.

And it’s because of all of its great properties, that Moringa is also beneficial to a new mother's health in general, and to assist in nursing.

17 Amazing Benefits Of Using Moringa As A New Mothers

The following are the 17 amazing reasons for new mothers to use Moringa:


So new mommys, let's dig into each of these in detail. We've even included some tasty options to give you some ideas on how you can use it.

1. Helps To Boost Your Energy

We know that pregnancy is a challenging time. A pregnant woman needs a sufficient amount of energy both during and after pregnancy, and also to feed her infant.

Calcium, iron, and folic acid are the most essential nutrients that are needed in the later stages of pregnancy. Many pregnant women receive these nutrients through prenatal vitamins. But these pregnancy vitamins are readily available only in a small part of the world.

So, what do the rest of the world’s mothers do? Here comes nature with the answer...

Moringa is a global solution for both pregnant women and new mothers.

According to studies, one tablespoon of pure Moringa vegetable powder contains important nutrients and minerals: (RDV = recommended daily value)

  • 50% RDV iron
  • 15% RDV of calcium
  • 5 mg folic acid

You can enjoy a healthy serving of Moringa powder by adding it to casseroles and by mixing it in your smoothies.

Moringa comes with a rich amount of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants and is healthy food to consume at every stage of motherhood.

2. Natural Lactation Enhancer

According to one study, mothers with premature infants benefit greatly from the use of Moringa. You know that a premature infant lacks several essential nutrients and the infant gets them through her mother's milk.

The use of Moringa 4-5 days after giving birth can help a new mother enhance milk production. Women who consumed around 350 mg of pure Moringa experienced a significant increase in lactation.

Moringa leaf curry has been used in the postnatal diet of Eastern cultures to boost the milk supply in mothers. This curry is made by mixing pepper powder, salts, and turmeric powder along with Moringa leaves. This curry is quite effective and can become a tasty booster of your breast milk supply.

3. Helps Fight Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the conditions that a new mother goes through after the pregnancy.

Moringa is nutrient-dense that helps to fight fatigue. It helps the new mother reduce fatigue by providing her with energy.

mother playing with child

Add Moringa to your daily diet and you too will see promising results.

4. Increases Nutrition in Breast Milk

Whatever a mother eats, passes to her little one through her breastmilk. Therefore, new moms are encouraged to eat healthy foods and limit/avoid unhealthy foods so that the baby can be healthy.

Moringa is good for both you and your breastfeeding infant. If you consume this nourishing plant, your baby can also get its benefits. Moringa helps to provide your little kiddo with nutrition by increasing the amount of nutrients in your breast milk.

If a breastfeeding mother consumes moringa, she is supplied with beta-carotene, which is a precursor to vitamin A. beta-carotene is quite significant for newborns. Vitamin A is good for newborns with blindness and infectious diseases.

Postpartum use of moringa helps to increase the Vitamin A in breast milk for up to 6 months. Therefore, it is good to add moringa to your daily diet for a healthy life.

In developing countries, moringa has been used by new mothers for thousands of years. This practice of taking moringa after birth is carried on from generation to generation.

💡  Women mostly mix it in their smoothies. You can also add it to guacamole to enjoy a more savory treat.

5. Helpful With Colds in Babies

Moringa leaves are quite effective on colds. Moringa is widely used and known for its high effectiveness to stop running and itchy nose in babies.

mother gently cradling head of sleeping baby

If your baby has a runny nose, you can use Moringa’s tender leaves: Make a solution by adding the leaves along with the stem to pure coconut oil and boiling it. Cool until lukewarm and now you can apply this oil to your baby’s scalp at regular intervals for effective results.

information_source  This solution oil is only safe to use for babies older than 6 months.

6. Balances Sugar Levels in New Moms

Pure Moringa is very effective in controlling the sugar level in the new mother. The daily use of Moringa leaves helps to balance the sugar levels in the body of new mothers.

You can use Moringa even if you have a diabetic patient.

7. Nutrient-Rich Diet Supplement

As we know that Moringa is nutrient-dense and helps to boost energy. Many mothers have been known to give Moringa to their children because of its nutritional value and to other family members as an energy supplement.

different foods on a table with 2 pairs of hands

One benefit of using Moringa is that you can add its powder to almost every food that your child eats. You can mix Moringa powder into the smoothie, savory dishes, and even mashed bananas.

information_source  It is better to consult your doctor before adding any supplement to your child's diet.
💡  The suggested and safe amount of moringa powder is 6 tablespoons daily for a nursing mother. Three tablespoons are considered safe for the children.

8. Protects the Body From the Harmful Effects of Stress

Handling and maintaining your home with a newborn can be quite a challenging task that can even lead to stress. Mothers, especially new mothers, can get easily stressed while handling a newborn with the demands of daily life. But this stress is not good for your body. Cortisol the hormone that is released when we are under stress is extremely harmful and long-term elevated levels can cause damage to your overall health.

Taking Moringa leaves helps to regulate a moderate level of cortisol after pregnancy. It also helps new mothers in reducing and managing their stress levels.

9. Relieves Constipation

One of the symptoms of pregnancy can be constipation. Moringa leaves are high in fiber. This helps to clear the bowels easily.

10. Acts as an Antioxidant

During pregnancy or just after birth, your body is prone to infection. Moringa leaves are rich in antioxidants, which can help the body fight off germs and infections.

11. Promotes Proper Digestion and Food Metabolism

Because of their high fiber content, Moringa leaves are very good for digestion. Moringa also helps in the proper metabolism of food.

12. Maintains or Improves Skin Texture

The juice of the Moringa leaves is a perfect remedy for acne and other skin ailments.

13. Rich Source of Iron

Moringa is rich in iron and zinc. Compared to spinach, Moringa has 25 times more iron which is beneficial if you are anemic. Iron absorption of the body is increased with the usage of Moringa leaves.

information_source  Consult with your doctor first though to make sure you balance your iron levels.

14. Lowers Blood Pressure

Helps to control blood pressure if your are prone to be hypertensive.
Data from a new placebo-controlled clinical study indicate that the leaves may actually reduce blood pressure.

information_source  Check with your doctor first as you don’t want your blood pressure to get too low.

15. It is Lactose-free

Since the calcium present in Moringa leaves is lactose-free, even lactose intolerant mothers or moms-to-be can use it.

moringa seeds in bowl with glass of lactose free milk and sign saying lactose free

16. Increases Blood Circulation

The use of Moringa leaves helps increase blood circulation while also decreasing blood pressure. This is good for anemic moms or moms-to-be.

17. Source of Calcium

A baby requires a lot of calcium from the mother for the development of its bones and teeth. The baby gets its calcium from its mom, so, the pregnant mother needs to take a lot of calcium to replenish her body as well as provide for her baby. Moringa is one of the superfoods rich in calcium.

Final Thoughts

Moringa holds nutritional and medicinal values for the new mother. There are so many amazing reasons for new mothers to use Moringa.
As with any new supplement, before starting always consult with your health care professional.

Once you have the OK, begin slowly and as directed adding Moringa to your daily diet and experience of its amazing effect in your life and well-being.




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