About Us

Our Story

It all began when one of our founders, a married, working mom began to notice changes in her body, her mood, and her overall well-being during pregnancy. She worked a full-time job with long hours and lots of overtime. (the norm these days) including a three hour daily commute. She couldn't keep going like this, and started to research the best ways and habits to manage pregnancy and general health and well-being.

Ask any woman who is or was pregnant and she would tell you how tiring pregnancy can be. It's also a time when your body is going through so many changes, that it's important to be in the best of health for yourself and your baby. She had to look after her well being and that of her growing baby from a more holistic approach.

Our co-founder (husband) also had a busy work schedule with lots of stress. This made it difficult for him to sleep. After doing some research of his own, he decided to try using a weighted blanket to give him more rested sleep. It worked! This was just what he needed to help him regulate his sleep pattern and be ready and energised for the next day.

This began our combined journey into the importance of self care including great pregnancy habits and healthy general living including better sleep.

As our co-founders talked and brainstormed, they realized that many people experienced these same problems and they were onto something.

The seeds of SpeciallyMe were planted and now we are here for you!

"I am Special"


Better Sleep. Better Pregnancy. Better You!