What To Pack In The Hospital Bag - A Checklist

After all the ups and downs of the pregnancy, it's time for you to prepare for the big day.

The birth of your child is a wonderful moment in your life. And it would be more beautiful if you are fully prepared for it.

Let’s look at the hospital bags.

pregnant woman finishing the packing of her hospital bag

The hospital bags should contain all the essentials that you, your partner, and your newborn will need on that day.

When Do I Need To Pack My Hospital Bag?

Your little one might arrive sooner than the expected day. Therefore, it would be great if you pack and organize your hospital bag during the eight months of your pregnancy.

It is better if you prepare two bags. One bag for the labor, and the one bag for after delivery.

Ask your partner to help you with bag packing. In this way, you can double-check the checklist. Once you have packed your bag, keep it in your car or near your door.

Here’s our hospital bag checklist:

What To Pack In Mom's Hospital Bag For Labor And Delivery?

Pack the documents first:

Pack all the hospital paperwork, ID card, and insurance card. Have copies of your medical records for emergencies.

Some hospitals also require medical cards or insurance documents so pack those too.

Birth plan:

Have copies of the birth plan that your doctor has worked out with you. Just in case, you can provide a copy to any other medical personnel, if your doctor is not available.


Pack a soft bathrobe for the labor. Bathrobe are very useful when pacing during or after the labor.



During labor, your feet might get cold. You should pack two pairs of socks.

Slippers and flip-flops:

Pack slippers that are comfortable and easy to wear. Also, pack a pair of flip-flops for shower time.

Lip balm:

lip balm

During labor, your lips might get chapped. You can apply lip balm on your lips to make them comfortable and hydrated.

Body lotion or massage oil

Some women find massage relaxing during labor so pack lotion or massage oil too.

Water spray and sponge:

Your body may get warm during the time of labor. You can use water spray on your neck and face. You can also sponge some cool water on your forehead.

Comfortable pillows:

You might find pillows that the hospital provides uncomfortable. So, bring a pillow that is comfortable and soft.

Relaxing entertainment:

Pack your favorite book or a magazine in the hospital bag. You can read it to help pass the time waiting. A movie, a series, or relaxing music will also help to entertain yourself.

Eye mask and earplugs:

face mask and ear plugs

Eye masks and earplugs give you a break from the bright and busy maternity ward.

Your Personalized plan for pain management during labor

Your After-Delivery Bag Checklist


Good sleep is essential, especially after the delivery. Your sleep quality will be better when you are in comfortable. Therefore, pack a comfortable, soft loose, and easy-to-wear nightgown.

Heavy-duty maternity pads:

After the birth, the flow of blood increases and you might have to change your pad every two to three hours. Therefore, you should pack numerous maternity pads for yourself.

maternity pad

Don't be too alarmed about the amount of bleeding as it is normal. The rate of blood flow will decrease over time. Note: If you continue bleeding heavily after a couple weeks, talk to your doctor immediately.

Maternity pads are more absorbent than regular pads. Therefore, you should pack a few heavy-duty maternity pads.
The hospital will provide you with pads, but you should take your own.


You should take several pairs of underwear with you. Make sure that they are comfortable and large enough to wear over heavy-duty maternity pads.


You should also pack a few well-fitting bras with you. The bras should be comfortable, loose, and easy to wear.


Prepare a list of toiletries that you need during your stay in hospital. Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, hairbrush, and hair clips.

Also, have a bag to put your dirty clothes.

mom with packed hospital bag

Cosmetics and skincare products:

After giving birth your skin might feel dry. Therefore, don't forget to take some skin moisture with you.

You can also take other cosmetics that you think you might need.

Glasses and contact lenses:

If you use lenses or glasses then make sure you take them with you.

Your lens case, contact lens solution, or glasses may seem to be less important than other items. But sometimes we forget to pack the little things, that we need the most.

Phone and charger:

Don't forget your phone as they are extremely important in times like this. You can stay in touch with your loved one.

You can take memorable pictures with your baby on his/her first day in this world. And don't forget to take your phone’s charger with you.


You need to wear comfortable and loose-fitted clothes during your stay at the hospital and when leaving the hospital. So, pack a bag of your comfortable clothes and clothes that have elastic waist.

Handouts and reference books:

You might need some nursing books about newborn babies that have guidelines to deal with your newborn. Therefore, keep them with you.

Doctors and nurses are also available to guide you with your newborn baby. But you may find these books more useful once you have your baby, so carry them with you.

Snacks and drinks:

You may not know how long you will have to stay in the hospital. Therefore, pack some of your favorite snacks and drinks with you.

Labor is surely a difficult time in every woman's life. Therefore, after this challenging period, you can enjoy your favorite snacks.

But ask your healthcare provider or medical team first whether you are allowed to eat or drink anything.

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packing for birth partner

What to pack for your birth partner?

Your birth partner will also get restless during your hospital stay. Therefore, you have to pack for your birth partner to give her/him a bit of comfort.

Snacks and water:

As you know labor is a very challenging time for you. But it is also tough for your support person. Therefore, pack some snacks and drinks for your support person as well.

Camera, phone, and charger:

Don't forget to take a camera or phone for your partner. Your supportive partner can use it for entertainment in their spare time.

The camera can also capture some of the most beautiful and memorable moments. Therefore, take a camera or phone with you.


You also have to remember to pack some clothes for your partner. As you never know how long you have to stay in the hospital.


Your partner can become exhausted during the stay at the hospital. That is why you have to pack some toiletries for them to freshen up.

Small Pillows:

Carry small pillows or cushions with you so your partner can rest comfortably too.


During your stay at the hospital, you can easily get bored. Therefore, you can take some entertaining stuff with you to the hospital such as books, magazines, and video games.

What to pack for your newborn?

mom packing hospital bag for baby


Newborn babies are very sensitive, they can easily get cold. Therefore, you should take some socks, caps, and gloves with you for your baby. It will minimize the risk of your baby getting cold.

You will need to pack clothes for your baby to wear after delivery.

According to the weather condition, pack a beautiful homegoing outfit for your newborn. Choose an outfit that seems perfect for your baby to say hello to the family for the very first time.


Take a blanket with you for your newborn. Hospitals probably provide you with a blanket. But you should take a blanket of your own.


You will need to pack diapers for your baby to wear after delivery and change as needed - between six to twelve diapers for the normal after delivery stay.

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned hospital bag checklist includes all the essential stuff that you need. Pack your bag and prepare yourself well.

After you are done with your bag, stay relaxed and wait for signs of labor such as water breaking or experiencing mucus plug discharge. Stronger, longer, and more frequent contraction is another sign that the time for labor has arrived.

Once you've begun experiencing the signs of labor, contact your health care provider immediately.


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