Pregnancy Morning Sickness Bands: Do They Work?

If this is your first pregnancy especially, you are likely wondering, do these pregnancy morning sickness wrist bands really work?  Or are nausea relief bands safe for pregnancy? 

Let's get into the science behind these bands.


Anti Nausea Morning Sickness Relief Wrist bands

Do Morning Sickness Bands Work?

The short answer is Yes. These small and somewhat inconsequential looking bands do work to relieve nauseous symptoms associated with morning sickness. The reason? SCIENCE. It’s based on the well-known eastern practice of acupressure.

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The great part is they are completely safe and re-usable. These nausea relief bands work over and over again to relieve your symptoms without any of the potentially harmful side-effects you can encounter from taking prescribed medication.

How To Wear Morning Sickness Bands (VERY IMPORTANT for EFFECTIVE RELIEF)

Place the elastic band with the important plastic ball on the inside of your arm above your wrist. The plastic ball is 3 finger-widths away from the top of your wrist. This positions the plastic ball over a known acupressure point on your wrist. Placement at this spot is very important

how to wear morning sickness bands

This is known as the Pericardium 6 pressure point or the Nei Guan point in eastern cultures. Gentle pressure on this point has been scientifically proven to provide relief in a 2001 study of 60 pregnant women. This finding was proven even when accounting for the placebo effect and was ruled scientifically conclusive. In addition, the women with pressure applied to the Nei Guan points experienced lasting symptom relief as long as 14 days after the test.

Putting on your Anti Nausea Bands

This short video also shows you where to put the nausea bands on your arm.

Final Thoughts

Use these morning sickness bands as often as you like, we recommend one on each wrist, and they are great for general motion sickness or other situations that lead to nausea, even in kids.



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