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Your Ultimate Pregnancy Guide - Downloadable eBook

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Your Ultimate Pregnancy Guide downloadable eBook is a comprehensive 40-page guide on all critical aspects your need to know about your pregnancy now.

An inexpensive guide that is a fantastic refresher reference for existing moms as well as a great resource for new moms.

Lots of additional resource links included for additional information.

Topics covered include

  • Symptoms and considerations during pregnancy
  • Common issues encountered during pregnancy and suggestions on how to manage
  • 1-page doctor visit schedule  guidelines
  • The facts around pregnancy weight gain
  • Guidelines for maintaining good health during pregnancy
  • Nutrition guidelines including vegetarian diets
  • Guidance on your vitamin and mineral intake
  • Pregnancy and Diabetes
  • Things you should avoid while pregnant including everyday herbs you need to know about
  • Pregnancy, Exercise and you
  • The best pregnancy lifestyle to adopt for a healthy baby
  • Why sleep is important during your pregnancy and tips that help
  • Interacting with your pets during pregnancy
  • The lowdown on Sex during Pregnancy 

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