Who Needs Self Care? You Do!

Everyone needs self-care in their life, no matter who you are, what your family dynamic is like, or what you do for a living. However, some people tend to be more in need of self-care and need to really focus on adding more of it into their life.

Do you fall into any of these categories?

woman admiring herself after washing hair - self-care

Essential Services Worker

From our doctors and nurses, the protective services, bus and truck drivers, the people who stock our grocery shelves or even those who work in the warehouses to make sure we get the items we need, we need them all to continue living in the society that we have grown accustomed to living.  May are working overtime, especially now, to ensure that we continue to life our lives as comfortably as we could.

The Workaholic

Are you someone who is 'obsessed' with being busy and working constantly?  Then you are definitely in need of adding more self-care to their life. It isn't a bad thing to want to work hard to achieve all the goals you have in your life. But when your entire identity becomes about work and all your free time goes to work, you neglect yourself.

Do you label yourself as a workaholic? Then it's time to incorporate some self-care into your daily routine.

The 'Never Say No'

Are you someone who never says no, either because you just want to be helpful or feel like you can't? If so, this is a negative thought pattern and one that is going to require you to focus a bit more time on yourself.

It can often seem like you're just being nice and helpful. However, when it affects your own life, it becomes another way to neglect your own needs. Self-care isn't selfish; you need to take care of your own mental and physical health so that you can help others.


The Business Owner

Let's be clear - people of all professions need self-care! But when you run a business, it often takes a lot out of you. The time and energy you put into working on your business can lead to a lot of neglect in your own life and of your personal needs. Plus many people now are running a business - their side hustle - alongside their 9 to 5, which makes the demands even greater.

Running a business causes a lot of stress, but you can mitigate some of that stress just be having certain times of the day where you focus on self-care.

The Social Butterfly

Another person who might need to focus more on self-care is someone who tends to be the social one of the group. Whether it be virtually or in person, you spend so much of your time focusing on or organizing for the people in the group, that you most likely don't stop to pay attention to yourself.

Even if you are the most social, extroverted person who gets your energy from being around other people, your self-care should probably be alone. It gives you that little bit of time every day to focus on your own needs.

The Parents (and Parents-to-be)

Lastly, parents, and parents-to-be, need a LOT more self-care than they give themselves, understandably! This includes stay at home parents, working parents and pregnant moms. It doesn't matter what your profession is, your lifestyle, or the way you choose to raise your kids, you are most likely are not spending as much time focusing on your own needs. You usually don't have much time each day for yourself, and your energy can be depleted very quickly if you're pregnant or have a young family, but even 5-10 minutes of self-care a day can make a big difference.


If you see yourself in any of the categories we discussed, then consider incorporating self-care into your Weekly Routine!


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