Pregnancy and Mood Swings: Causes and Tips to Control Them

During your pregnancy, you can feel that you are riding an emotional roller coaster. You encounter various mood such as joy, anger, depression, and sadness from time by time.

In this weird kind of emotional ride, you have to face unexpected changes in your emotion that you cannot understand – at one moment, you are feeling sad and in the very next moment, you're smiling.

You become extremely sensitive about small things. You can even become angry at little things occasionally, and sometimes small things like a TV commercial can cause you to shed tears.

Sometimes, you laugh over silly things and the other time you might get angry over the pettiest problem. This continuous flow of emotions can spoil your mood.

pregnancy and mood swings


Mood Swings In Pregnancy

Mood swings are common in pregnancy but not every pregnant woman may experience this emotional change. Moreover, it is not a long-term condition and the affected person will be normal in no time because mood swing is temporary.

When Do Mood Swings Occur In Pregnancy?

Mood swings are unpredictable. There is no fixed time for experiencing mood swings. You can get it at any point in your pregnancy. Some women report the changes in emotions early in their pregnancy while others have this experience later.

You might feel excited, impatient, and scared at the same time. But you don’t need to be worried as it is completely normal to have this feeling. This is only because your life and your body are changed in a very big way.

Are Mood Swings A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Mood swings can be a sign of pregnancy but not always. In pregnancy, hormonal level can changes quickly which makes it harder for you to control your emotions. In some cases, women also experience these changing emotions before the arrival of their period.

woman's hands holding a positive pregnancy wand

So, if you think that you are pregnant only because of experiencing mood swings then it is better to take the pregnancy test first.

What Are Pregnancy Mood Swings Like?

Different women experience different kinds of mood swings. According to research, a woman can experience different kinds of moods during each of her pregnancies.

No one can tell exactly the pattern of mood swings during pregnancy. At one time, you might experience dramatic mood swings. But next time, you might feel stable during your whole pregnancy.

Continue to read and learn more about pregnancy mood swings.

Common Causes Of Mood Swings In Pregnancy

Experiencing mood swings in your pregnancy doesn’t mean that you are being dramatic. These emotional changes are the result of hormonal changes that are happening throughout your body. These physical and chemical body changes affect your mood.

Following are the factors that contribute to mood swings during pregnancy.

  • anxiety
  • sleep deprivation
  • changes in hormone level.

1. Fluctuating hormones

As discussed above, there are several possible reasons for mood swings during pregnancy. But the foremost reason is the increased amount of hormones in your body. What hormones case mood swings in pregnancy? The answer is estrogen and progesterone. These hormones affect your mental health - especially during pregnancy.


Estrogen is present throughout your body. It is most active in that part of the brain which controls the mood. So, it is obvious that an increased amount of estrogen results in depression and anxiety.


Progesterone is another hormone that helps to loosen your joints and muscles. The increased amount of this hormone causes sadness and fatigue.
So, you can say that the sudden increase of estrogen and progesterone hormone is the main reason for mood swings during pregnancy.

2. Fatigue and sleep deprivation

While dealing with your mood swings, you also have to face fatigue and sleep deprivation.

In the early days of your pregnancy, you feel exhausted. You will continue to feel sleepy no matter how much sleep you get. This feeling of tiredness and not getting enough sleep will affect your mind and body.

In the last days of your pregnancy, you will experience pains or aches and feel uncomfortable on the bed. And therefore, you cannot get enough sleep.


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3. Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a physical action. But it also affects you mentally and psychologically. You always have a fear that at any moment conditions like nausea might strike you.

You always have to get ready for an unexpected moment where you need to rush to the toilet for vomit.


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4. Physical changes

It is not easy for everyone to accept the physical changes that are happening during pregnancy. The physical and life changes that occur during pregnancy can impact one's mind.

Some mothers become extremely happy to experience such changes while others might get sad.

It is no doubt that giving birth to a baby is an incredible feeling. But women also had to face body image issues during pregnancy. A woman can even get depressed because of their physical appearance and figure.

5. Anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety in pregnancy are also normal. You will experience mixed emotions in your mind. You are happy and excited about your coming baby and the feeling that you are becoming a mother is priceless.

On the other hand, you also feel stressed because of the new responsibilities and financial affairs.

Delivery or labor is another big challenge for women. Thinking about the pain of contractions and the fear of having any complication during your delivery or labor will surely tense you.

If you are going to have your first baby then it will become more difficult for you. It will be even difficult for those women who had any complications during delivery or had any miscarriages in past. This is because their fear and anxiety are related to their past emotions.


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Are Mood Swings In Pregnancy Safe?

Many women don’t realize that getting depressed in pregnancy is normal. But, it is important to realize the difference between the normal mood swings of pregnancy and prenatal depression.

If you are feeling perpetually hopeless and sad, then contact your doctor immediately. It is important both for you and your baby’s safety.

How To Manage Mood Swings In Pregnancy

For the sake of the tiny life inside of you, it is best that you try to manage your mood swings. But sometimes, it is easier said, than done. Mood swings may becomes worse, affecting your personal or work life.

Here are some tips for you to handle these mood swings.

1. Eat well

Eating well is the key factor to losing your temper. Healthy eating and the consumption of nutritious meals are not only good for your baby but also boost your energy level. This energy will help you to keep your body and soul calm and refreshed.

healthy food

2. Get exercise

Performing daily exercise during your pregnancy will boost your mood and help to relieve your stress level. You can simply walk, swim or do some light exercise if you are feeling down.

Outdoor exercise will help you more. Breathing fresh air helps to make your mind refresh and also brings positivity and happiness.

Yoga and meditation are also helpful to give your body and soul a soothing effect.

3. Get enough sleep

Make sure to get enough sleep during your pregnancy. Not getting enough sleep will directly affect your mood.

During the first trimester, you might not feel rested at all. But you can try to get enough rest and make a routine for your bedtime.

You can perform some breathing exercises before going to bed and use comfortable pillows. Side sleeping is best for you, especially in the third trimester.


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4. Talk to your loved ones

Talk with your partner, your friends, and your family about the feeling you are going through. They will know how to make you feel good. You have to share everything with them. Tell them about your problem or thoughts that disturb you. They will understand and help to sort out your issue.

After talking with your loved ones and describing your problem to them, you will feel a lot better.

You can also talk with your other relatives that are expecting to and share your current status with them. Joining a local community–based group is also a great idea.

5. Show yourself grace and kindness

We know that pregnancy is a challenging time. It becomes even harder when you start to lose control of your emotions. You are already dealing with alot of changes. Therefore, do not be hard on yourself – show yourself grace and kindness to overcome this uncontrollable flow of emotions.

Try to stay relaxed. You will be alright because this temper is just temporary so try to be generous with yourself.

6. Talk to a therapist

If you feel like your emotions are taking on a life of their own, if your anxiety is hampering your ability to function, and/or if you are perpetually depressed, you should seek help.

Talk to your obstetrician or a psychologist. Prenatal depression and anxiety are common, and it’s nothing to feel shame over. You should be enjoying this exciting time of life, so take a step to reclaim your happiness by reaching out to a professional.

If your emotions start affecting your all-day work and you feel perpetually depressed. Then you should talk with your therapist.

You don’t have to worry or shame on having prenatal anxiety and depression because they are common. Try to reach out to a professional and enjoy the happiness and enjoyment of this unique time.

Final thoughts

Mood swings are one of the common pregnancy symptoms. The flow of different emotions is just a small part of this whole journey. You just need to relax and get yourself ready to experience the most wonderful feeling of this world.


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