How Childhood Sleep Issues Affect Education

Many kids have sleep conditions that interrupt their lives, and those of their siblings and parents. Parents who worry about child sleep disorders in their family can rest assured that they are not alone. One of the main child sleep disorders that parents face is a kid who can not sleep through the night.

Children and adults have sleep cycles that go between deep sleep and light sleep. Because each person goes through several of these cycles throughout the night, there are several opportunities at night when a child sleep disorder may happen. Parents of infants all understand that this is the case, and they work to get their kid on the appropriate sleep cycle.

Affects of Lack of Sleep on School and Performance

Children require much more sleep than their moms and dads although often they want to stay up as long as their moms and dads stay awake. A child in school requires in between nine and 12 hours of sleep every night. So all moms and dads who have problem getting their children to wake up in the morning need to know that their children require more sleep at night.

Child on mobile phone at night

Kids need to be able to stay awake throughout the day. There is information that a considerable number of children are not alert at school and that their sleepiness interferes with their education to some level. Inadequate sleep, can negatively affect well-being, decision-making, and attention, all of which are necessary for success in school. So it is important to establish healthy habits in children at the elementary and early high school levels. To do this parents should ensure that their kids are getting enough and proper sleep at night. 

Parents, it's up to you to develop a good sleep hygiene early so that your children can perform at their best when at school.

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